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Piplup makes faces and tries to be funny, which gives Dawn the idea to create a show to cheer Ash up and she runs off to plan. Still thinking Ash is upset, Team Rocket proceeds to indirectly insult Ash and rub in his loss. Dawn watches and wishes that she could help, also feeling the depression. Piplup waltzes out in a clown outfit, jumping up and hitting its head on the ceiling. While Brock searches for berries, he sees a strange being hover over the water and then vanish. Team Rocket removes their disguises and recites their motto before proceeding to flee.
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Pokémon Anime - Ash and Pikachu / Characters - TV Tropes

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Pokémon: Indigo League

He then tried to finish Lucario off with Iron Tail, but Lucario quickly dodged. You sir, will help me in mindfucking all of WoW. Taking a wild guess here but, is it really common to find a person that enjoys watching Dora The Explorer and enjoys watching Jersey Shore? While this is a very smart and well thought out theory it is wrong in one crucial and fundemental aspect.
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Unaware of Kingdra's secondary type , Ash had Pikachu go for Thunderbolt. I think this theory makes a lot of sense. However, Ash had Pikachu use Iron Tail on the ground, forcing Bunnelby to emerge and dealing major damage. While Ash was yelling words of encouragement, the referee began to declare Pikachu unable to battle.
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The scene pans over Lake Acuity and goes underwater, where the projected soul of Uxie appears. Piplup waltzes out in a clown outfit, jumping up and hitting its head on the ceiling. James believes Ash is most likely depressed, so Jessie plots to steal Pikachu while Ash is too sad to care. As he wonders about what he just saw, he notices an object to his left and glances that way, finding a Cheri Berry bush. Ash is sprawled out on a grassy field, looking up at the sky as he reflects on the battle. Back at the Center, Brock tends to Gliscor, comforting it while it is crying from the bandaging. She finds an illustration in her book of the Lake guardians and points out to Brock the one of Uxie, which is the one he saw.
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